Governance Documents

Governance docs.1979docsThe Association’s official Acta Constitucion (Mexico’s equivalent of what is commonly known as Articles of Incorporation in the US and Canada) is registered with the City of Guaymas, as of 1979. The official Declaracion modificada de condiciones, restricciones y reglamentos (known as the Covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) is also registered with the City of Guaymas, as of 1979. The following pdfs will take a few minutes to open due to their file size.

The following are Proposed Bylaws to be voted on at the February 15, 2014 Annual General Meeting. NEW
maryreghouseWe have an abridged, English translation of the Convenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) that covers the most relevant information of the official Spanish version from 1979. We have updated it so that the annual fees listed are for the year 2011, and the monthly Board meeting takes place mid-month so that we can review the past month’s financials.

docsWe are not required to file annual meeting minutes every year, however in 2009 the annual HOA fees were raised from $350 US to $375 US for homeowners; and from $90 US to $100 US for lot owners. Because of this significant change, we filed the minutes with the City of Guaymas. The annual meeting minutes for 2011 were filed on June 6, 2011.

Design Guidelines

design guidelinesThe original Spanish-language Convenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) from 1979 contain very specific details regarding home building and renovations. This information has been translated into English and provided here.

Within the Association, we have an Architectural Control Board whose purpose is to achieve and maintain the aesthetic goals of the Country Club. While it is always nice to see when our homeowners renovate or update their homes, there are specific guidelines in this Country Club that need to be followed in order to keep the beauty of the area properly balanced, and to help maintain and/or increase the value of all the properties in this area.

If you are considering building in the Country Club or for existing homes, making alterations, additions, remodeling and/or redecorating any of your exterior portions and structures, please review these rules carefully and contact the Property Manager, Raymundo Reyes, if you have any questions; or to provide him with your plans for Board approval.


complaintsWe want you to be happy and satisfied with your choice to live or own property in the San Carlos Country Club. If you have an issue or concern, we ask that you contact the Property Manager, Raymundo Reyes, for a timely solution. If Raymundo is unable to solve the problem in a satisfactory manner, or if it requires a Board decision, then it will be raised at the monthly Board meeting. In order to most effectively manage an issue, we ask that you kindly print off, complete and submit an Association Member Complaint Declaration (English) or Formato de quejas para residentes (Spanish) to Raymundo or any other Board member. You may also obtain these forms from Raymundo in his office.