Board Committees


We have various committees to address the areas that we consider most relevant. They are:

a) Architectural Committee: Raymundo Reyes, Rodrigo Vazquez Dumas, Jack Bos and Victor Lopez. Their roles are to sign, stamp and authorize the Architectural plans for any new homes, and for alterations, additions, remodeling and redecoration of exterior portions and structures of existing homes to be built in the Country Club, according to the by-laws and CC&Rs.  They will also supervise the construction sites, ensuring that workers remove trash and debris from construction and gardening projects in a timely manner.

b) Beautification and Vacant Lot Clean-Up: Victor Lopez, Sandy McIvor, Alfonso Verduzco, Bob Lanctot, Scarlett Pavia Benitez and Raymundo Reyes supervise the vacant lot clean-up and the beautification of the Country Club in general.

c) Cooperation with the Golf Course Committee:  Bob Lanctot, Jack Bos and Raymundo Reyes will work in cooperation with the owner of the Golf Course to bring an end to the misuse of the golf course (re:  dogs, ATVS, cows, etc).

d) Equipment Committee:  Raymundo Reyes and Alfonso Verduzco ensure that the HOA equipment (i.e. golf club cart, ATV, weedeaters, etc) and in good working order, and supervise the repairing of equipment.

e) Finance Committee: Alison Boyle, Scarlett Pavia Benitez and Raymundo Reyes ensure that the finances are sound and that the budget is balanced.

f) Legal Committee:  Raymundo Reyes, Janet Vaupel and Carmen Ordaz will be responsible for all legal matters in relation to the HOA and the Country Club, including but not limited to pursuing legal action against our non-paying home and lot members.

g) Utilities and Security: Water, Sewage, Lights, Street Conditions (topes, potholes), Fire:  Victor Lopez, Raymundo Reyes, Scarlett Pavia Benitez and Alfonso Verduzco inspect and supervise that the utilities are in good working condition, that the roads are safe, and that the gate and ATV night guards are doing their jobs in terms of maintaining the security of the Country Club, and they inspect the perimeter wall to ensure it is in good condition.

We appreciate any and all help from our Country Club community. We would be more than happy if you would like to join one or more of these committees in order to help keep our Country Club one of the best places to live in San Carlos. Please contact the Property Manager, Raymundo Reyes, for more information.