Dec 082016

San Carlos Country Club Home Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting: December 8, 2016

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The meeting was held in the Country Club at Mayos & Cumpas #270. Meeting called to order at 4:10pm.

In Attendance were:

Raymundo Reyes

Alison Boyle

Scarlett Pavia Benitez

Bob Lanctot

Sandy McIvor

Last Board of Directors meeting minutes:

Alison moved to approve, Scarlett 2nd. Approved.


The date for the 2017 AGM will be Saturday, February 11th at 1:30pm at the San Carlos Golf Club Clubhouse.

2017 Budget:

Raymundo presented the suggested budget for 2017. Some year-over-year differences explained as follows:

Accounting: Is 6 months in arrears, so the number actually reflects a total of 18 months of accounting fees. The 2018 budget will be back to $30,200 pesos.

Office Rent:  Is paid in USD, we budgeted at 13:1 when the exchange actually became 20:1.

Website:  This reflects the 2 year fee, the following year there will be no fee.

Golf Cart:  Continues to break down, hoping all is well now.

ATV Service: Parts are in USD and this 2016 amount includes new tires.

Street Lights: Installed 9 new bases, painted poles & replaced glass and bulbs.

Lot Clean up:  Hired extra people to help clean up hurricane damage, cost of street cleanup is also reflected here.

Tools & Equipment: Mostly reflects the cost of repairing the burnt trailer.

Entry Gate: Purchased new arms, high winds cause damage.

Wall:  Hurricane damage required the wall to be rebuilt behind Leys Store.

Weed Control: Trimmers and cord plus heads for weed eaters.

Payroll: Extra person hired to sweep streets making clean up faster.

Income: An extra $120,000 pesos was collected in 2016

Alison moved to accept the 2017 budget, Bob 2nd , approved to take it to the AGM as is.

2017 Projects:

Need to repair the cracks in the streets to prevent further deterioration.

Continue entrance way sidewalk from gate to Mayos.

Adjournment: Alison moved to adjourn, Bob 2nd. Meeting adjourned 5:15 pm

Next Board Meeting: January 12th, 2017.