Apr 302016

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San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, Sonora. April 30, 2016.

Dear Residents and Homeowners:

On February 27, 2016, the Homeowners Association of the San Carlos Country Club held the Annual General Meeting according to the invitation sent to every home and lot owner. We held the meeting one hour later since we did not complete the quorum at the first call.

There were reports from the different committees about the Country Club infrastructure conditions and the expenses made last year on improvements and all the activities. For more information, please check the Minutes on our website at www.sancarloscountryclub.com

Your Board of Directors for the year February 2016 – February 2017 according to the vote taken at the annual meeting is the following:

Scarlett Pavia Benitez, President

Robert Lanctot, Vice-President

Kristian Vizcaino Bedran, Treasurer

Alison Boyle, Secretary

Alfonso Verduzco Angulo; Sandy McIvor; and Jack Bos, Members.

This year we will be working to keep the community in good shape and we will plan on some new projects for the summer as money allows us to do and we will continue to make the Country Club a safe, clean, organized and secure place for you to enjoy. Therefore we are asking you to kindly pay the 2016 yearly fee to Residentes de San Carlos Country Club A. C. through our Property Manager and according to the following rates:

Home site fee: $400 USD or $5,200.00 Pesos.

Lot site fee: $110.00 USD or $1,430.00 Pesos.

Cleaning fee: $50.00 USD or $650.00 Pesos.

Due to the US Government policies, the Mexican Banks are not allowed to exchange checks from US banks, so please pay with cash, dollars, pesos or checks only from Mexican banks.

To pay the 2016 annual fee, please contact Raymundo Reyes at Cellular phone: 622-855-9126 or email raymundorey@hotmail.com. Or visit him at Seris #177 Behind Casita #2.

Sincerely yours

Residentes de San Carlos Country Club A. C.

Raymundo Reyes Fuentes

Property Manager