Mar 302016

San Carlos Country Club Home Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting: March 30, 2016

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The meeting was held in the Country Club at Mayos & Cumpas #270. Meeting called to order at 6:10pm.

Scarlet Pavia Benitez started the meeting as the President of the Board of Directors.

Legal Quorum: In Attendance were:

Scarlett Pavia Benitez. President

Robert Lanctot, Vice-President

Kristian Vizcaino, Treasurer

Alfonso Verduzco, Member

Raymundo Reyes, Administrator


Last Board of Directors meeting minutes:

The minutes from the previous Board of Directors meeting were discussed and it was agreed to approve them and to pass onto the Annual Meeting minutes.

The Minutes from Annual General Meeting were discussed and the attendees agreed to approve them and post them on the Country Club Website.

Board of Directors Organization:

It was agreed that the Board of Directors will remain as it was voted at the AGM of February 27, 2016.

Scarlett Pavia Benitez will act as the President, Robert Lanctot will Act as the Vice-President, Kristian Vizcaino will Act as the Treasurer, Alison Boyle will be the Secretary, Alfonso Verduzco Angulo, Sandy McIvor and Jack Bos will be Board members.

Robert Lanctot stated that the Board of Directors must work together in all the projects and that the decision must come out of the vote of everyone and not just one person making decisions.

He also stated that the President of a Board of Directors is to take control and to be the lead of person to keep the harmony and to maintain united the rest of the group. So it was agreed that the Board of Directors will make all the decisions and not just one person running the business. The instructions given to Raymundo will be coming from the Board of Directors out of the Board meetings.

Finances: Raymundo gave everyone the financial reports up to and including the month of February and explained the Expenses and the Income and also stated that the normal expenses for the first 2 months of the year are only regular expenses and the income is coming in as expected. The expenses on Tools & Equipment is the only item exceeding the budget due to the repair done to the trailer that was totally redone after being burned last year. Other than that, everything else is just fine.

General Information: Robert Lanctot stated the concern of some of the residents about the two workers doing extra jobs on their own time and there was a discussion about how to control the time working for the HOA and the time working for private services.  It was agreed that Raymundo will make a form with the schedule of time working for the HOA and what they are to do during the day and check if it is done.

Security: It was stated that we have not had any security problems and during Semana Santa we have a few issues about people playing on the golf course with their quads and throwing garbage everywhere. Other than that, no major problems.

The security company presented a quote with an increase of costs and them supplying a motorcycle for the security guard that patrols the community at night but it was agreed that it was very expensive and it is better if we supply the motorcycle for the guard and also supply the gas for it and we shall continue paying the same price to the security company that we are paying now. We will look at a price to buy a motorcycle for the guard.

It was agreed that it is time to change the decals to be put on the Residents Car windshield so the guard will recognize them at the gate so Raymundo will be working on a new design of a sticker and a quote to print them and to be installed on all the Cars for the residents that have paid their HOA annual fees.

We are looking to get a quote for the construction of a warehouse to store the tools and a place for the workers to eat.

Next Board of Directors Meeting: It was agreed that the next board meeting must be when the rest of the Board of Directors are here so we will have a complete Board.

End of meeting: The meeting ended at 7:45pm.