Feb 272016

San Carlos Country Club Home Owners Association


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San Carlos, Nuevo Guaymas, Sonora, February 27, 2016

Meeting was held in the Country Club Clubhouse.

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 pm, there was no quorum, and according to our bylaws on ARTICLE # 13.4 – QUORUM: The presence by person or by power of attorney to any Meeting of the Members that have the right to attend and to vote must be at least 51 % (fifty one percent) of the voting Membership and they will make the quorum for any action, unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws.   In the case that there is no quorum at the time set for the meeting, the meeting shall be called to order 5 minutes later with the present attendance, as if there were another Meeting.  The decisions shall be taken from the majority of the attending Members, and their power of attorneys, and it shall always be with no less than 60% of the assisting Members, unless it is stated in the Bylaws that a larger percentage of attendance is required for a specific matter.

The meeting called to order again at 1:10pm with the following attendance:

Ricardo Valdez, Jesus Hector Espinoza Celaya, Guadalupe Gastelum Orduno, Charlis Terlaus, Jose Antonio Martinez Uraga, Grant & Ethel Dafoe, Bernard & Cindy Parton, Bill & Linda Gerber, Alfonso Verdusco, Bob Lanctot, Alison Boyle, Gearge & Sandy McIvor, Terry & Eileen Layden, Paul Auren, Elena Peszka, Gordon Gannon, Loren Markley, Jack Bos, Janet Vaupel, Paulina Dumas.

The meeting was held according to the established agenda, sent to every home and lot owner also published in our web site www.sancarloscountryclub.com  AGENDA:

1.- Legal Quorum

2.- Manager’s Report

3.- Treasurer´s Report and budget approval

4.- Committee Reports.

5.- General items

6.- Election of Board of Directors.

7.- Adjournment of meeting.

Janet Vaupel, acting as the President of the Board of Directors, started by introducing the Board of Directors:

Bob Lanctot, Alison Boyle, Jack Bos, Scarlett Pavia Benitez, Sandy McIvor, Alfonso Verduzco Angulo and the property manager Raymundo Reyes.

She thanked people for paying their HOA fees and encouraged those who have not to do so.

Manager’s Report:

As the property manager of the Country Club, I have been working hard, along with our employees to make this community a better place to live.

When you pay your HOA fees, what do we do with the money? First, all monies are deposited to either our account at Santander or Banamex. After the deposits are made, we must file documents of the money received and who paid. I run all the bookkeeping and accounts. We spend the money paying the weekly, monthly and regular budget expenses, plus the improvements we are making to the community throughout the year. Out of that money, we pay our two full-time employees that work cleaning the vacant lots, streets and on beautification projects. Our two employees are Antonio and Erik Fernando. For these two employees, we must pay their wages, social security, food, transportation, vacation and Christmas bonuses, all of which are required by Mexican Labour Law.

We also pay the security company that provides the guards at the gate, 365 days a year, as well as a second night patrol guard. The money also pays my monthly wages and bonuses as the Administrator. We also spend monies repairing and improving the street lights, street repairs, perimeter wall repair and vacant lot cleanup & maintenance.


To maintain the community, we have two vehicles to move equipment around, a quad and a carry-all golf cart. We also have 2 industrial type weed eaters and two trailers to haul trimmings and garbage from the community. The big trailer goes to the dump on the Northwest side of San Carlos. Here we are required to pay a dump and hauling fee. The Quad and golf cart require constant maintenance and repair as they are used 6 days a week. The quad is working now, and the golf cart is awaiting parts and should be working by next week.

Repairs & Improvements done last year:

We worked on repairing some of the pot holes and cracks in the streets. We also worked on eight light fixtures. This included replacing the concrete base, installing new underground wires, painting the post & fixture and repairing broken glass. We also rebuilt 2 boxes and re-installed the power supply for two sections on Seris. This year we may need to rebuild two more.


We have continued to plant trees and flowers in different high impact areas. We are trying to do more areas but it is very hard work planting, maintaining and watering. We will continue this effort and hopefully one day soon we will have flowers and shrubs everywhere.

Security Report:

Security is very important to our community and we are always trying to improve it with the assistance of the company we have hired. The guards work very hard to keep us safe.

People who come into our community may think the guards just sit there, but they really have a big job to do, especially during weekends and holidays when a large number of renters come into our community. The guards must register all the renters and explain our by-laws and rules to them.

Gates: The gates are now operating on an automatic sensor system with an 11 second delay before the arm comes down. This way a trailer can pass through, or two cars before the arm comes down. The guards can now easily control the coming and going of non-residents of our community.

Cameras:  We have installed 2 cameras at the entrance to the Country Club and I am able to monitor them both on my computer and cell phone in real time. We are also planning to install signs on the perimeter wall informing people that the area is under video surveillance.

We are looking forward to another successful year in 2016 and we would like to encourage all home and lot owners to pay their HOA fees so that we may continue to make this a community we are all proud to enjoy.

Architectural: This year (2016) we have already approved 2 new home projects. The other homes under construction were approved in previous years.

Palapas: The construction of palapas is a common practice in Mexico and it is very hard to stop construction once it has started. We do have a 5 meter height restriction, but unfortunately there are already palapas built that exceed this restriction so other home owners feel they have the right to build as well.

New Lots:  The golf course has sold 16 lots on Seris alongside the 5th fairway, one house is already under construction. The lots are numbered 1A to 16A. These are all legal lots and we will vote to accept them as part of our HOA.

Treasurer’s Report: Scarlett Pavia Benitez: We have passed out the budget for this year for your review and approval. All expenses are in pesos. We try to come up with numbers to match total expenses with income so that we do not over spend. I review monthly all expenditures and there are no discrepancies between what we collect and what we spend, all monies are fully accounted for. I would now like to ask for a motion to approve the 2016 Budget. Gord Gannon moved to approve the 2016 budget, George McIvor seconded. Approval was unanimous.

Animal Issues:  Bob Lanctot:  The Policia have been approached about the horses roaming on the golf course. The owner of the horses says it is the fault of the golf course because the fence is down, once we get the fence fixed it is actually illegal for anyone to remove or alter it. We will install signs saying this.

Dogs: We are trying to deal with dogs running loose. We have sent another letter to residents reminding them to keep their pets in their own yards, and to clean up after them when out walking them.

Peacocks:  Again, the Policia were consulted but there was nothing accomplished.


Janet Vaupel called for nominations to the board as she will be stepping down.

The following slate was presented:

President:  Scarlett Pavia Benitez

Vice-President: Bob Lanctot

Secretary: Alison Boyle

Treasurer: Kristian Vizcaino

Members at Large:  Sandy McIvor, Jack Bos and Alfonso Verdusco

George McIvor moved to accept the new Board of Directors, Ricardo Valdez seconded. Unanimous.


George McIvor moved to adjourn, Gord Gannon 2nd. Approved Meeting adjourned 3:40pm