Jan 122016

San Carlos Country Club Home Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting: January 12, 2016

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Meeting was held in the Country Club Golf Clubhouse. Meeting called to order at 4:07pm.

In Attendance:

Raymundo Reyes
Janet Vaupel
Sandy McIvor
Alison Boyle
Jack Bos
Scarlett Pavia Benitez
Bob Lanctot

Minutes from last meeting, Janet moved to approve, Bob 2nd. Approved.

Financials: Budget letter is using 13:1 for US exchange. It will be left as is, so no increase in HOA fees.

Golf Cart: According to Jesus, the camshaft is shot. Will get a second opinion from Ralph Kopec.

ATV is working fine. Trailer is at Javier’s for repair; should be ready next week.

Street Improvements: 2016 budget is for pot hole and crack repair.

Cameras: We have 2 new cameras, both located at the gate, one in and one out.

Gates: Need to add 2 more automatic sensors.

Signs: It was suggested that we place signs along the back wall that state “This Area is under
Video Surveillance”. Raymundo to get a quote for one every 100 feet on outside wall.
Janet moved to approve, Alison 2nd. Approved

Raymundo mentioned that both workers, Antonio and Erick, are missing days of work. They are not being paid for these missed days. Raymundo will continue to monitor the situation.

Dogs: Another letter will go out to owners reminding them not to let their dogs roam the neighborhood.

Next meeting: Feb.9, 2016 Golf Clubhouse

Move to adjourn: Janet, 2nd Jack. Meeting adjourned 5:08pm