Nov 102015

San Carlos Country Club Home Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting: November 10, 2015

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Meeting was held in the Country Club Casitas. Meeting called to order at 6:09 pm.

In Attendance:

Raymundo Reyes
Janet Vaupel
Sandy McIvor
Jack Bos
Alison Boyle
Scarlett Pavia Benitez
Bob Lanctot

Review and approve May 2015 minutes. Alison moved to approve, Jack seconded. Approved.

Summer Report:

Summer was very hot and rainy. The usual work was carried out, the huge rainfalls at the end of the summer caused everything to grow back very rapidly, but we are getting it trimmed back again.

There were lots of equipment problems. The golf cart tie rods needed replacing and it took a month to get the part from the USA, then the starter went, the replacement worked for a week and then burnt out. It was fixed again but burnt out again. We have received the new part but also require a regulator, which needs to be installed first. Raymundo is working with Ralph Kopec to get it repaired properly. ATV also broke down, needed a new belt from the USA and also required a weld for the trailer hitch. The two bikes also required new tires. Everything is working now but the golf cart.

Two new weedeaters were bought in August, as the other two broke down. Bob L. will look at broken ones to see if they are repairable.

There was only one break-in over the summer, at #495. Only small items were taken, including a tv.


Need to add $17,409,60 pesos to payroll. This was the final payout to Eduardo’s wife.

In June, $13,800 pesos was to clear a problem lot on Torim. We received $5,000 pesos from the neighbor to help cover the costs and will try to collect the balance from the lot owner.

In August, $12,844 pesos was for the two new weedeaters and line.

Street repairs of $35,370, $17,108 and $6,480 pesos, CEA paid for the asphalt.

The $7,500 pesos for the ATV was for four new tires and also the bike tires.

The $3,062 pesos for the golf cart was for the starter etc, as mentioned above.

Golf Course:   It is what it is, they are working at cutting and trimming etc.

Joyas del Country:  These lots have been taken over by one of the original partners and Miguel Estrada is in charge of the project. Re/Max may be involved with selling the lots. They have approached us to clear their lots along the road edge. We will re-address this at a later date, after our own lots and roads have been cleared.

Security Guards are doing a good job, but must be reminded to check ALL vehicles not displaying a Country Club sticker.

Vehicle/ recreational vehicles: There have been complaints about a homeowner storing a large number of recreational vehicles on some vacant lots.  Raymundo will send the homeowner a letter requesting he move the vehicles elsewhere.

Next Meeting:  December 12th, 9am at the Golf Course Clubhouse.

Motion to adjourn Jack, 2nd Bob. Adjourned 6:26pm.