May 122015

San Carlos Country Club Home Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting: May 12, 2015

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Meeting was held in the Country Club Clubhouse. Meeting called to order at 4:03 pm.

In Attendance:

Raymundo Reyes
Janet Vaupel
Sandy McIvor
Alison Boyle
Scarlett Pavia Benitez

Review and approve April 2015 minutes.  Alison moved to approve, Sandy seconded. Approved

Architectural: New lots along Seris and the 5th fairway are A1-A16. At the next AGM, we will accept them and add them to the HOA . The lots are legally registered with Public Records.

A12 has paid 2 years HOA and $5,000 pesos for plan approval and $5,000 pesos for a construction deposit. A plan for lot 539 has been approved. Now have a total of 5 approved plans this year. We are still awaiting plans for the palapa on lot 265/266.


Lights: There is another light pole down on Seris, due to a car accident, it will be covered by the person’s insurance.

Eduardo: His sister is claiming to be the beneficiary, but Mexican law states that the person he has lived with for 5 or more years is the beneficiary. No one will be paid out until a judge makes a decision. In the meantime, his wife has been given the Christmas bonus, vacation pay and savings bonus from January 1st to March. Balance is approximately $17,000 pesos, we have paid out $4,200 pesos.

Antonio’s brother Eric is working part-time, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Antonio is now full-time.

Road Patches: CEA says they are very concerned about the holes they have left in our roads and will fix them. If this is not done by the end of May, we need to start on it ourselves. It all depends on the upcoming election results. We have about 22 sq meters of asphalt to repair. The cost will be less than last time.

Security: Security committee met with Realtors that rent in the Country Club to people who just want to have parties to try and discourage this practice. Realtors complained that the guards are rude to their clients. The guards have been asked to be more respectful. Raymundo is to talk to the Commisario about   permits for parties.

Old Business:  The trailor was supposed to be moved on the weekend but the owner did not come to town. Raymundo is working on a letter to homeowners about HOA fees.

Raymundo has purchased a lock for the small trailor.

Next Meeting:  Fall of 2015, most likely in November.

Motion to adjourn Alison, 2nd Janet. Adjourned 5:20pm