Apr 142015

San Carlos Country Club Home Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting: April 14, 2015

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Meeting was held in the Country Club Clubhouse. Meeting called to order at 4:03 pm.

In Attendance:

Raymundo Reyes
Bob Lanctot
Janet Vaupel
Sandy McIvor
Alfonso Verduzco

Reviewed and approved March 2015 minutes with one change to the next meeting date, should be April not March. Janet moved to approve, Sandy seconded. Approved.

Architectural: Approved 3 home plans now under construction in this our first quarter. Proposal submitted for one of the new lots along Seris. Raymundo will collect the following fees: 5000 pesos for plan approval; 5000 pesos refundable deposit plus $260 USD to pay for lot clean up and HOA for site. Understand that all 16 lots along Seris  and the 5th fairway have been sold.

Finances: As attached

New Business: Discussion was held as to trailer that was moved onto lot 249 Mayos. Suggestions made that trailer must be moved off. Give the owner of the trailer a time line plus contact the owner of the lot to let them know a trailer has been parked on it. Board all agreed that this is something we do not want in the Country Club.

Topes:  Raymundo reported that to remove and replace each tope would cost 17,400 pesos per tope. Discussion held on whether we need to do this. First request in 15 years. Alfonso suggested that any new topes would be “golf cart friendly”, but we will have to further study the cost of these changes and take to the community to add to the budget.

Other Business: Semana Santa was quieter this year with no reports of break-ins or unusual noise over the weekend. One incident when resident broke the security gate arm. Discussion was held as to who was right and who was wrong. Alfonso felt the driver should pay as he broke public property. Discussion was held and it was decided that the HOA would pay. We need better guidelines for the guards and perhaps better signage. Alfonso suggested we revisit having a camera installed (cost 3000 pesos). Sandy suggested maybe we could have other sample questions that the guards could ask to determine if visitors really were going to somewhere in particular. Eg. What is house number? what vehicle do they drive?

Raymundo showed the sheet that he and other Realtors are using once a home is rented. It includes name of the person, home number, type of car they are driving, number of persons staying in the home. So far this seems to be assisting the guards greatly.

Raymundo to purchase a lock for the trailer Bob donated to keep it stored and locked on the empty lot next to Bob’s house, #366.

Eduardo: The money for Eduardo is still in our account. Raymundo is in discussion with the family and when we know who will receive this money, it will be paid out.

Pending Old Business:  The homeowner list of who has paid and who has not paid is still being compiled. The letter to owners of barking dogs was not discussed.

Next Meeting:  May 12, 4pm  Country Club Clubhouse

Motion to adjourn Bob, 2nd Sandy. Adjourned 5:30pm